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Custom Stone Projects

Natural Quartzite

SGD prides itself in offering some of the most beautiful customized natural stone designs around. Be it for Foyer floor or walls, Outdoor kitchen and Barbeque spaces, mantles, hearths or elegant residential or commercial bars we do it all and we are only limited by one’s imagination! Any room of a home, restaurant, retail stores or office can achieve superior warmth, charm and elegance with the addition of natural stone.

One of the most sought after natural stones for our commercial clients is Quartz due to not only its beauty but, its ability to withstand heavy daily wear and tear. It offers high resistance to cracking, staining and chipping. It is the choice of many chefs and restaurants to stand up to food preparation of all types…i.e…cutting, chopping and holding hot pots and pans.

Another versatile natural stone is Travertine which looks quite elegant alongside any wood or granite. Our custom designs have encompassed many different applications such as showers, living room, bathroom and dining room floors as well as countertops to name a few projects.

When a client is looking for that unique and regal appeal for a surface that is custom designed without worries about the delicacy or fragility of the stone then onyx is a wonderful selection along with an installation of a blacklight to add to its beauty and mesmerizing appeal.

Onyx is a beautiful but fragile addition to any room. It is easily scratched and can be discolored by stains so it is scarcely used for countertops. It is commonly used for decorative purposes because it evokes a warm, mesmerizing sensation when installed with a backlight.

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