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Quartz Countertops

Natural Quartzite Kitchen

Quartz has become a very popular selection for client’s bathrooms and gourmet kitchens due to its extremely hard surface and its being heat, bacteria and scratch resistant. Its actually harder than granite and more flexible and and even lighter too. This makes its installation easier as well.

Quartz is the second most available mineral on the earth making it an earth friendly choice. It has a non porous surface which gives it great functionality but, it is also one of the most beautiful natural stones and gives elegance to any surface. SGD has years of experience in fabricating and installing gorgeous Quartz surfaces. Why not call us today and inquire about our beautiful marble selections.

Quartz not only holds up to even the most skilled culinary experts wiles but, can be just as convenient and beautiful used on flooring, fireplaces, bathrooms, vanities and showers.

For added beauty and  sophistication quartz can be utilized for counters and floors in offices or other businesses such as restaurants with bars, tables or counterspace and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

Some of the advantages of Quartz are:

Maintenance free: no polishing, sealing or reconditioning
sealed permanently and is food and splash zone use certified.

Scratch and stain resistant

Non porous which gives protection from bacteria from possible food particles left on counters.

Along with our years of experience with Quartz countertops, we also provide:

* Granite countertops
* Marble countertops
* Onyx countertops

So, regardless of whether you are hoping to find just that perfect shade of white or add a splash of green or blue it’s all possible when it comes to quartz countertops for all kitchen, bathroom or office needs

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